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These are my babies!


Bad News..... Lady has gone blind....... The Monday before Christmas she wandered off and I thought she was gone for good. The Elnuffs six miles away found her and traced her to me from her tags on her collar. She was nearly starved to death, and they thought she was about to die. She was gone for about a week and a half. I have put up a pen for her and am busy overfeeding her to get her back into health. She seems happy and as usual, does not get enough attention!

Lady is of an unknown age, but she is at least thirteen to fourteen years old. She is a golden retriever who has been a faithful and loving pet for all these years. Cuzzin Tom gave her to Dad and I years ago, and she is a great watchdog when I am on the place. However I understand that when I am gone, she is pretty friendly.

A black dog; Actual size=240 pixels wide

When I get home the usual routine is for my girls to come running to my truck door (unless I scared a cottontail they saw in my headlights - then they are busy until it runs out of the light). Babs practically climbs in and Lady leans against the door so I can pet them both. Any new scents I have brought home are intensely researched and catalogued. Any new tastes on my hands are immediately tested as well. Homecoming is usually cut short by the sudden realization that they will recieve a treat as soon as I get inside, so the message is clear: Get your hiney inside and get us goodies!



Here is Duke living dangerously - napping right in the middle of a messy tangle of  high voltage computer cords. Notice how he fits on top of a stack of  cd jewel cases. 


Fast forward a few weeks - on the prowl on the front porch!


Babs came into my life as a stray. I noticed Lady's food was disappearing, and she wasn't gaining weight. When I came home at night, I started seeing a black dog running away in my headlights as they swept the yard. As time went by I was able to lure her closer with doggy treats. She had obviously been beaten and was nearly starved. She has stopped eating everything in sight and isn't nearly as shy as she was, but she is still very jumpy. She is a damn good watchdog and she chases skunks away, so her perfume leaves a bit to be desired!

A cat; Actual size=240 pixels wide



God help me I have a cat now!
And this needs an update - Duke grew up and liked going outside quite a bit. Not good when coyotes come into the yard of this farm. He disappeared last summer. I have a "new" cat I adopted, but at the moment, no pics. His name is Rooster (see a trend here?), he is orange striped like Garfield and is pretty laid back compared to Duke.


 Fabulous sis Kathleen found Duke under her deck - her dog (featured in Family section) was abusing the three week old kitten - grabbing him with her mouth and tossing him! She was impressed with how tough he was, and felt sorry for him. AWWWW!!!!
 Anyway, since she is allergic to cats, she wanted to find a home for him rather than the other alternative........
 She took him to her vets and they kept him until it was time for the big trip to my house. I volunteered to take him in. I had visions of him being an outside cat that would be a mouser - keep the local population down - but I am afraid he is not much of an outside cat. It seems he has a home inside.