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I am a Gearhead!

so sue me



1980 Ford CLT-9000 with a Silver92 Detroit 475hp motor and a 10 speed. This was a hotrod. I really upset a National Carriers driver once because he announced that he was going to blow off the grainhauler(we were at a stoplite) and really stroll when he got out of town. He failed and was quite grumpy about it. I was suitably upset as well.




1988 357 Peterbuilt with a 444 Cummins, 13 speed and 3.70's. It would run to about 83mph. It was fairly light and with the triple axle Wilson hopper bottom 46' trailer I made a little money. This was a pretty reliable unit that I enjoyed driving.
I don't think I have pictures (or I can't find them) of my favorite truck - an International 4300 with a souped up Big Cam III 400hp Cummins and a 13 speed with 3.90's. It would run about 75mph, it had dual everything and lots of stuff to shine. Chrome straightpipes made it loud, and the worked over fuel pump meant when you stomped on it, she would blow black smoke and go - fairly quickly for a truck! I know, I got outpulled by the hot Cats, but I still liked it.


The two oldest Maddox men (Aaron and Marty) at Emporia.


This is Kent Schmidt's Peterbilt at the Bunge elevator in Hutchinson KS. I drove it for him a few times so he could take some time off. Very impressive ride for sure!
UPDATE: Unfortunatly, Kent totalled this baby in an unfortunate incident on ice. Damn! I liked that truck!

Kent's Office

The Office - check out the custom made console, all the radio equipment, cell phone and calculator ready, and I was eating peanuts as a snack that day.

This hot number is my friend and honarary brother Mark Duncan's office. He hauls oversize tanks out of Garden City, KS to points all over the continental US. It is a Kenworth W-900L - which means it is a long nosed conventional KW. It has Cat power plus the cab and sleeper have more room than some mobile homes, I think! Double bunk, fridge, closets, TV, good sound system and a "big radio." What more do you need?



This is one of Mr. Duncan's fellow employees at Troy Burn's Harvesting - Ronny Woods - with his prime ride. It was Mark's for a while; it is a W-900L as well, but with a flattop sleeper. Pretty impressive night shot from the new digital photographer Hoss (Mark).


This is my honorary nephew Bryan's red ride. Notice the support for our favorite pro football team - you know - the one we curse at every fall!


My Baby!




1979 Chevrolet Corvette L-82 automatic with 1982 Corvette Collector Edition wheels
This baby is rude, crude, ill-mannered, noisy, squeaky, leaky, gas hog, rough ride, hot in summer, unreliable, surprisingly ill handling, poor ergonomics,uncomfortable, tries to fly at high speed, and just about any other bad thing you can think of
I can't see myself without it



A KC Hooter's waitress thinks my car is pretty cool
In return, I thought she was pretty fine
The Young Dr. Burns can be seen here as well
He is pretty, but she has him beat in that department, I fear





At the Oriental Palace in Lost Wages NV, there is a place called the Deusenberg Room. The cars are American icons - probably the highlight of style and design in their era. Imagine driving a Model T with 15 or 20 odd horsepower. Then imagine sharing the road with one of these babies - the supercharged versions put out up to 400hp. Anyone who was anybody owned one. Jay Leno has at least one now, if not more.

clark gable

This was Clark Gable's ride. It is a boattail speedster - the frame and body are shorter - therefore lighter.
Pretty stinkin' cool


This is one of the normally aspirated straight eights


My First Rides

This was my first ride. 1965 Ford F-100 with a 230cid six banger with a three on the tree. It was a gradually evolving truck, nearly indestructable barebones transportation. I never new how good I really had it.


1977 Chevrolet Monza Mirage - an add on appearance kit that made it look similar to the road racing IMSA Monzas of the day. It did not make it go faster. It did not really need any more of that ability. Having a 305cid V-8 with a two barrel and single exhaust did not make it a drag racer by any means, but it was fast! I have no idea what rear gears it had, but with the small wheels it had, they had to be steep! I literally drove the wheels off of it.